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Here are some of the Solidwork Projects i have worked on 


I believe in hardworking as the hard-work open a path to great success. As being an Army kid i always have been taught never to give up in any situation. I am an energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge and achieving personal goals. Learning solidwork was a great experience for me. My present career aim is to work within CAD/CAM Designing because I enjoy making 3D designs and I find the work interesting and satisfying. The opportunity to learn new skills and work with new technologies is particularly attractive to me.

  • 2010- I completed my 10th board from CBSE board.

  • 2010-2012- i have completed my higher  studies with non medical (PCM) from CBSE board.

  • 2012-2016- completed my collage degree from a UGC recognized university in Punjab from Continental group of Institute.

  • 2017- completed Solidworks and AutoCad from TICKOO institute of emerging Technologies (TIET).


There are different type of projects i have worked on during my training period. These project includes 3D designing of  Industrial parts which includes - Part modelling, Sheet Metal and 2D drawing with different angle projections. By using different methods of designing a 3D design of an Industrial body is created later used is production of Machines.



A pipe vice is a plumbing tool used to hold pipe or tubing securely so that it can be cut or threaded. Pipe vices are also useful for pipe welding. In a manufacturing environment, apipe vice is a critical piece of apparatus in the assembly of pipeline components.

Pipe vice assembley with dimensions


A double bearing assembly is for supporting a rotatable shaft within a housing and includes two axially-spaced inner races mounted on the shaft. Each inner race has an outer race surface with a radially-outwardly extending shoulder section adjacent one axial end and are arranged such that the two shoulder surfaces are facing.

Drawing of Double bearing assembly in First angle projection with Dimensions.

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